What we do

UHealT is an online learning platform that uses AI capabilities to provide blended collaborative learning solutions to educational institutions, healthcare providers and students. The platform gives users an opportunity to share and exchange information, building capacity without locational constraints.

This structure of knowledge sharing aims to fast-track the availability of trained and specialized healthcare workers whose services include critical care, dementia care, pediatric care and generic care.

The platform also provides on-demand knowledge solutions for healthcare workers.

Canada is experiencing

How we can fix it:


Blended exchange of knowledge for healthcare sector

AI based learning technology helps overcome geographical and language barriers. The technology combines complete pedagogic and certification process and provides users with the opportunity to share and

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White label customized services to colleges and universities

The approach is to build large-scale capacity and to fast-track the production and release of specialized healthcare workers into the market. This is done by partnering with universities and nurse training

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System to move part of the acute care load to proactive and preventive care

Proactive care solutions stratify ‘at-risk individuals’ based on known algorithms and ensure that preventive action is taken to intervene way before the onset of symptoms, let alone illness. Preventive

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Provide Canada ready nursing and paramedic staff

We have access to a large pool of trained and experienced IENs (Internationally Educated Nurses) and paramedics across specialties (cardiac care, acute care, oncology care, geriatric care, etc.).

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About Us

To fast-track the large-scale production of specialized healthcare workers into their respective fields, UHealT uses advanced AI technology as an enabler for trainers, students, and healthcare workers to share and exchange information securely.
Powered by technology, UHealT is led by a team of industry experts from the fields of healthcare, management, finance and recruitment.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

UHealT currently pursues strategic relationships with existing players within the healthcare ecosystem such as healthcare providers and accreditation bodies. These partnerships enable the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources.
UHealT aims to team up with research centers and thought leaders, who can propel the company into a nodal position, while training healthcare workers.

Core Members

Kaushik Ray

Founder & CEO

Kaushik has worked in the field of medical technology for over 25 years. With his experience in developing and driving large-scale public and private health networks, Kaushik is the primary founder of UHealT. Read more»

Viktor Jelinek

Head - Strategic Alliances

Viktor is responsible for development of strategic partnerships and identifying potential partners for UHealT. Viktor has a vast experience in private equity, investment management, and financial advisory. Read more»

Rumjhum Gupta

Head - Relations

As a Co-Founder, Rumjhum is responsible for building UHealT’s brand reputation amongst the key stakeholders related to the healthcare industry. Having worked for over twenty years as a specialist in Read more»

Saadeddine Zaher

Head - Finance

Saadeddine’s responsibility is to manage the Company’s financials, make valuable recommendations regarding budgets and investments, and develop UHealT’s financial depart ment. He has over 20 years Read more»

Omar S. Khalifeh

Head - Operations

Omar is responsible for developing, executing, and ensuring the success of UhealT’s strategy. Omar started his career in Canada and grew his international experiences with multinational organizations. Read more»

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